Courses, seminars, articles and consultancy to help your local weekly group to flourish!

We believe that even the most experienced volunteers need to be regularly trained and given ongoing support in order to help them be the most effective leaders and helpers possible!

Understanding additional needs is one area of training we are particularly keen to support.


 Additional Needs Training 

Our Additional Needs Ministry Director, Mark Arnold, is in particular demand as one of the top authorities on the subject.

'All Inclusive?' is a series of three different training seminars that cover working with children and young people with additional needs and disabilities.

Mark and his team can also provide a consultancy service for your church or local group and Mark regularly writes training materials and articles for a variety of publications.

You can find out more about 'All Inclusive?' and the rest of Urban Saints' Additional Needs Ministry here:

Additional Needs

 Other Training for Groups 

Urban Saints is committed to taking each leadership team through a comprehensive training programme before they start running a new Urban Saints' Group. We also aim to provide all of our volunteers with access to ongoing training resources in order to refresh and extend their knowledge and skills. These resources may be accessed via local/regional training events or by using the latest online tools to help ensure as many of our volunteers as possible are fully trained and resourced.

Urban Saints are also keen to share our expertise with anyone involved in local, weekly disciple-making groups. Members of our team are regularly asked to lead training seminars and write articles on a variety of subjects including:

  • Working with young people outside the Church;
  • Disciple-making;
  • Wellbeing.

For those that subscribe to Energize, the Energize website also contains a wide range of articles containing advice on topics relevant to all who work with children and young people. (For details about Energize, including how to apply for a free 30 day trial, click here.)