Local, weekly disciple-making groups run by volunteers in communities across the UK!

What is an Urban Saints' Group?

Urban Saints' Groups provide a really welcoming place for young people to meet with their friends each week, enjoy loads of new everyday adventures together, go on memorable camps and trips and experience the life-changing journey of following Jesus whatever their starting point.

We want every young person in the UK and Ireland to have the opportunity to be involved with our exciting new Groups, but especially the 95% who remain unreached by existing Christian youth and children’s work. 

Urban Saints helps train, support and resource volunteer teams to run outreach groups tailored to the needs of their local community.

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The different types of Group:

Because every local community is different we have developed three types of Urban Saints' Group: 

  • Community Groups draw volunteer leaders from different churches in a locality. Click here for more info.
  • Affiliated Groups are run by leaders from one church but carry our name and brand. Click here for more info.
  • School / College Groups are run by leaders drawn from the school / college community or from local churches. Click here for more info.

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Already part of an Urban Saints' Group?

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